- 2011-04-23-gossamer-1

Installation 2006


"gossamer-1" is a painting installation with the machine that is mounted hot melt adhesives and generates the abstract painting automatically. This robot is a simulator of Jackson Pollock and his action painting. Its purpose is to looking Expressionism panting of the 20th century over again. And think of creative action of human.


The machine is hanged from the ceiling. And this part works as a header (like a printer plotter). And a canvas is placed under the header. Four headers have cylinders that keep glue sticks in. They push glue sticks out and melt them, and draws a picture. "gossamer-1" runs by means of sound around the room. The sound of the room are picked up by a microphone, and analyzed with digital sound processor on a PC. "gossamer-1" is controlled by result of its process. For example, Different colors respond to different frequency of sound. Four bands of frequency are compared each other. And it decides which color the machine pushes out. And the upper machine has the swing arm connected with the wire. Then, if attack sounds are detected, it pushes the wire and starts a pendulum movement.