Quantum Composition

- 2011-04-23-quantum-composition

live performanse 2010

After  research with Tsubasa Tanaka a pianist and a science researcher about relation between "Schroedinger equation" and context for musical composition, we produced the audio visual performance that was  integrated piano playing with multi channel audio. Tsubasa says that the state of Quantum superposition looks like a correlation between composition's theme and variations. Composers create variations from one theme. But they are non-observed at that time, then they manifest themselves when we perceive as a sound and vibration or a score. So Is it possible that to be perceive variations as "superposition" we thought. In that performance we played Goldberg Variations by J. S. Bach with variations which added effects calculated from Schroedinger equation in realtime.

Above video is version of digital solo performance. It could control from mouse input to make obstacles to control wavefunction which used as parameters for sound effects. This is made with openframeworks and SuperCollider 3.