ARTSAT Internet Radio

- 2011-05-23-artsat-internet-radio

generative net radio 2011

I put up the Internet radio streaming that named "ARTSAT Internet Radio" which uses data from sensors of the super-small satellite. It's using SuperCollider3 Server and generating sounds with data from the satellite and controls parameters.

listening point's URL:

At Nakasuka Laboratory in The University of Tokyo, the super-small satellite "PRISM" was launched in 2008 and now over our head."PRISM" has several kinds of sensors and sends telemetry data from height of 660km.

There are four times data transmissions par a day with the satellite at Ground Station,and update data to the website.In the streaming server, scripts are running and analyzing this website(this part is with Python) and write a XML file,Then SuperCollider reads this XML file intermittently and map parameters to Synths.

We proceed projects to try how we utilize the satellite for artistic purposes {its name is "ARTSAT Project") So it's not only for musical expressions but also for others. This Internet radio is a part of this projects.

In this radio streaming, I want to investigate new method of composition of "orbital music"..