Geomagnetic Texture

- 2013-08-21-geomagnetic-texture

installation 2012


The “ARTSAT: Introduction” corner documenting research and development related to the satellite art project was set up as part of the “Open Space 2012″ exhibition with the aim to introduce the activities of the “ARTSAT: Art and Satellite Project”.

“Open Space 2012″ exhibition is divided into three parts/periods.

“Physical Satellite” comprises various experimental and creative activities themed around satellite art. I developed "Geomagnetic Texture" a part of  this division,

geomag_01 geomag_00

The “INVADER” art satellite has a built-in magnetic sensor for measuring geomagnetic fields. By measuring geomagnetism it is possible to determine the satellite’s attitude like using a compass. In addition, in consideration of influences on both the satellite’s temperature and electrical power, INVADER was fitted with a permanent magnet on the inside, in order to stabilize the satellite’s attitude as it rotates around an axis defined by the axis of geomagnetism. The magnetic sensor’s time variations obtained by way of simulation are visualized in the form of moiré patterns.